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TourSA are sales representatives for KZN Wildlife
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TourSA are sales representatives for KZN Wildlife

Eshowe  In  South Africa  

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Eshowe, "A City Set on a Hill", is situated close to the capitals of the old Zulu kingdoms. In times gone by, it was the colonial capital of Zululand, and it is steeped in Zulu and colonial history. With a rich cross-cultural and royal history, Eshowe has been home to Zulu Kings Shaka, Mpande, Cetshwayo and Dinuzulu, as well as the British military headquarters. Eshowe was the first British Capital of Zululand during its time as a separate British colony (1887 - 1897).
  • Coward's Bush - A memorial near KwaBulawayo marks the spot where Shaka has defeated soldiers executed and those suspected of cowardice tested.
  • Dlinza Forest - A 200ha forest where religious services are regularly held at a natural amphitheatre called Bishop's Seat.
  • Fort Nonqayi - A three-turreted fort established in 1883. Home to the Zululand Historical Museum, wherein the area's fascinating cross-cultural history is told.
  • Vukani Museum - A small museum that houses wonderful examples of Zulu handiwork, including pottery, basketry, beadwork and tapestries.
  • Entumi Nature Reserve - A magnificent indigenous forest, home to many bird and animal species.
  • Ocean View Game Park - A scenic park containing two memorials to the warrior-king Shaka. 
  • Dlinza Forest - Aerial boardwalk. Here visitors experience the unique 250ha indigenous coastal scarp forest from a bird's eye point of view. Build of natural timber, the boardwalk takes you 125m through the forest understory to the 20m high viewing platform which emerges above the canopy of the trees.