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TourSA are sales representatives for KZN Wildlife
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TourSA are sales representatives for KZN Wildlife

Cape Vidal KZN Parks  In  South Africa  

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Cape Vidal KZN Parks

Cape Vidal is a magnificent coastal resort set in a sheltered coastal bay in the Greater St Lucia wetland park, with shallow pools and rock ledges for snorkelling, unspoiled beaches for walking and self-guided trails around the fascinating wetlands, in the rich coastal forest and on the shores of Lake Bhangazi.The sheltered bay has excellent off shore angling, spear fishing and snorkelling. The wreck of the Dorethea, close to Cape Vidal, is also reputed to have contained the Kruger millions when it sank.There is a relatively safe area for swimming, wildlife, especially birds are abundant and self-guided trails enable visitors to see some of the surrounding wetlands and Lake Bhangazi.Cape Vidal has the best of both worlds with access to the eastern shores of Lake St Lucia where there is a variety of game including reedbuck, other antelope, hippos, crocodiles and buffalo, spectacular water, forest and grassland birds and the wonderful Indian Ocean shore line with its startling array of marine animals.The marine habitat is the route used by humpback whales on their northerly migration to Mozambique to calve.In December the loggerheads and leatherback turtles come onto the beach to lay eggs.